Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Up, Down, and All Around

So yeah, here goes the last how every many months it's been since I've posted - I got laid off in June, freaked out for two days, and then decided to enjoy my summer and hang out by the pool (while looking for a job, no worries). I actually ended up getting a job faster than I thought, 3.5 weeks from the day I got laid off to the day I got my offer, so I was a little bummed my pool time was getting cut short. So I parlayed three more weeks out of the deal, dividing it equally between more lazy time, a trip home to Michigan to see the fam, and a trip down to Honduras to see boyfriend's dad and stepmom. Cue dramatic travel sagas involving much internal cursing of Delta (I'll spare you all the dramatic details, but it wasn't pretty). And now life is pseudo back to normal. Well, as normal as life can be when you start a job three weeks before four DC-area offices of your company decide to play musical chairs. Anyways, boring details aside, I enjoyed my time hanging out and I enjoy being a productive member of society again.

Random Fact: The thing that I miss most about the old job (aside from my wonderful friends) is the tv in the elevator that filled me in on the news of the day. Every day for the past week and a half I've gotten in the elevator and looked up, only to be filled with disappointment, not to mention it was always fun to toss random statements in conversations about what my elevator told me that day. Excuse the rustiness, I'm just getting back in the saddle, but no worries, I'm back for good now. :)

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