Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

So after getting quite a mixed feedback, I decided to freshen up my old banner and then have both at the ready, so I can mix things up. Right now I have the old style re-done up in the shop...look good?

In other news, I'm anxiously awaiting my mini moos...those are itty bitty business cards, and I'm in the process of designing and ordering labels for my bags. I'm becoming so professional! Stay tuned to see how those all turn out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And this is why I am not a graphic artist...

So my banner for totables has been making me unhappy for a little while now, as the text is pixelated and I don't like how the white isn't really white, so I set out to make a new banner, but now I can't decide which style I like better. And that's where you come me make up my mind! I like how the new one shows off more styles, but I also like how the texture of the original one really shows itself off. Which do you like better, close up of texture, or lots of thumbnails? Oh, and I've decided the capital T is just way to hard to read in my font, so it will be lowercase whichever way I chose to go.

Oh, and just to prove how much of an engineer and not a graphic artist I am, I lined up all the thumbnails in excel. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maybe Cute, Maybe Odd Frog Behaviour

So I'm totally a frog momma, as I have to tell everyone what my frogs have done lately. I got home last night and could only see Clark in their tank, so I took off the top to look around. Lo and behold, Clark was sitting on top of Lewis, completely covering him. They are way too young for there to be any freaky behavior going on, so I'm not really sure why Clark decided to smother Lewis. I was a little worried for Lewis, as he looked somewhat blob-like and unnatural looking after Clark finally got off of him, but he perked right up. Maybe Clark thought Lewis looked cold or something.

In other frog news, Leo is starting to grow up! He is changing from his juvenile coloring of green with yellow spots to various shades of brown. Awww...they grow up so quickly.


So I really am back from my mini-vacation, but I've been really busy catching up on work so I haven't had any time to post anything. Since I haven't had time to go through my 500 pictures that I took, here are a few previews from the top of Mt. Megunticook, the highest peak on the Maine mainland.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ODing on Gummy Bears?

So who knew it was possible. A little background: I am in love with vitamins that come in the form of gummies, so when I saw calcium gummy bears, I snatched them right up. Who cares they are for kids, I'm totally a kid at heart. Not to mention they taste just like creamsicles. So I brought a bunch of them to work in a baggie, but unfortunately I tend to eat mindlessly at my desk, and the fact they aren't in a vitamin bottle makes me forget the fact they are not just normal gummy bears. After eating about 12 of them (you're only supposed to eat 2), I got a little worried. A little research later, I find out I was on the brink of an overdose, in which case you are supposed to immediately go to the hospital and get your stomach pumped. So you would think I would learn, but I just did it again (only 8 this time though). I think it's time to go off the gummy bears. :( Or at least ones that are supposed to be good for me.

And yes, I know this picture is not of calcium gummy bears, but I couldn't find a picture of them. So this is my actual favorite kind of gummy bear, found in bin #1248 at Meijer. Ahhhh....I miss Meijer.

To Mat or Not To Mat?

So I'm contemplating an overhaul of my ViewFound Photography Etsy store, despite the fact it's only been open a few months. So in preparation, I thought I would see what you all thought (all 8 of my loyal readers). Currently, all of my listings are for matted photos, but would you rather be able to buy an unmatted photo? This would cut down on shipping costs and allow for more personalization, as well as I would have the option of adding a mat. I'm leaning towards separating them, but what do you thing?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion Inspiration

I've been feeling a bit in a rut lately with my wardrobe, despite the change of season. Or maybe because it is the change of season and I've been wearing the same sweater everyday and already have brought out my winter uniform of the black turtleneck. Regardless, it's a little shot in the arm to take a peak at what Sheena Matheiken can do with accessorizing one basic piece every day on The Uniform Project. Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of months:

I love the fun and different shape of the skirt.

Who can't smile at mustard yellow? I think it's impossible.

This collar just says "Drama, drama."

I've made it my goal to spruce up my fall wardrobe with fun tights, and these are a great example. So far, I've gotten a crocheted blue pair, but haven't worn them yet.

(Photos courtesy of The Uniform Project)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Seriously, I could be doing about 12 different things next weekend...

...but no, I'm going to boyfriend's dad's wedding. I'm trying not to complain, really, I like him a lot (boyfriend's dad, that is) and I want to be at the wedding, but here is a short list of what I will be missing:

The Sartorialist book-signing
Getting to meet Lumbergh and Milton from Office Space - pretty close to the best movie ever.
Aaron Karo show - actually got canceled and will be rescheduled, but it was on the list originally.

Ok, so I know that's only two actual things, but I think there is more that I'm just blocking because it makes me sad. And they are really awesome things. But I love boyfriend, and therefore I am off to Boston.

Time for a Shopping Trip?

I've been very good, and avoiding going shopping lately, but I have a feeling it's going to backfire on me. I don't do well with cold-turkey approaches. It generally leads to me going out and spending waaaay more than I would have otherwise when I get feeling very deprived. With that said, I'm thinking I would like a new leather jacket for this fall, and this one fits the bill perfectly! Now I just have to find it....

(Photo courtesy of The Sartoralist)

Time for a Sale!!!

So to celebrate my having time to actually work on my Etsy shops (Totables and ViewFound Photography), I'm having a free world-wide shipping sale from October 9-11! Just enter the code "Weekend Deals" in the message to seller and I'll refund the shipping fee via paypal within 24 hours. Have fun snapping up some goodies!

Vibrant Pink Angel's Trumpet No. 3 - Matted 4 x 6 Fine Art Photo

Owl's Eye Cactus - 8 x 10 Matted Fine Art Photo

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Woo Hoo - Goal Accomplished!

Today I hit the 25 items listed and 2 pages of listings mark on my Totables Etsy shop! Very exciting for me. It's a lot of work, and I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen. Here are a few of my newest listings:

In A Snap Small Pouch - Felted Coral Wool with Suede Leaves

Look Ma, No Hands Cross-Body Bag - Felted Brown Wool

Flora Chain Necklace - Rust Silk and Suede

Carry Me Clutch - Felted Goldenrod Wool

Out and About in Nature

So yesterday I just happened to look at one of my memory cards and found some pictures from our trek out to boyfriend's cabin in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania that we took in July. This trip was the start of my love affair with frogs, as it's where Lewis and Clark came home with me in the form of tadpoles. So it's fitting that I happened to take a shot of a beautiful frog, that I have since found out is a pickerel frog.


And our animal sightings didn't end there, we also spent a good hour or so crayfish hunting in the river and managed to catch two. Let it be known that boyfriend and his sister tried unsuccessfully for 20 minutes or so, until I stepped in and caught one in five minutes. :)


In other news, I've actually had a few evenings to myself the past couple of days, rather than spending them working, so I was able to finish up and take photos of nine more items for my Totables shop - stay tuned for the additions!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming Up For Air

So, I've been a very, very busy girl with work lately, and have barely had enough time to eat and sleep the past couple of weeks, let alone write blog posts. But hopefully the worst is over, and I can slowly start to return to a normal life, that is, until the next big deadline freakout. Anyways, here are a few pictures of chairs that make me happy.

(photos courtesy of

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