Thursday, October 15, 2009

ODing on Gummy Bears?

So who knew it was possible. A little background: I am in love with vitamins that come in the form of gummies, so when I saw calcium gummy bears, I snatched them right up. Who cares they are for kids, I'm totally a kid at heart. Not to mention they taste just like creamsicles. So I brought a bunch of them to work in a baggie, but unfortunately I tend to eat mindlessly at my desk, and the fact they aren't in a vitamin bottle makes me forget the fact they are not just normal gummy bears. After eating about 12 of them (you're only supposed to eat 2), I got a little worried. A little research later, I find out I was on the brink of an overdose, in which case you are supposed to immediately go to the hospital and get your stomach pumped. So you would think I would learn, but I just did it again (only 8 this time though). I think it's time to go off the gummy bears. :( Or at least ones that are supposed to be good for me.

And yes, I know this picture is not of calcium gummy bears, but I couldn't find a picture of them. So this is my actual favorite kind of gummy bear, found in bin #1248 at Meijer. Ahhhh....I miss Meijer.

1 comment:

Bromeliad said...

I can eat gummy bears by the pound. But watch out - they contain mineral oil.

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