Friday, October 29, 2010

Meeting Maxwell

So as anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time knows that I love Apartment Therapy. So imagine how excited I was to find out that Maxwell (creator of Apartment Therapy) was going to do a presentation and booksigning last night in DC! I was one of those people that pre-ordered the Big Book of Small Cool Spaces, so yeah, it's awesome to have it signed.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Costume Madness!

I love halloween - it's one of my favorite holidays. I love candy and I love dressing up, so what could be better? I've missed out on dressing up the past couple of years for various reasons (I spent last halloween camping in a treehouse), so I'm super excited about making up for lost time. This means two, maybe three costumes. First off is Saturday during the day, for the Rally to Restore Sanity. Several coworkers and I are dressing up as Waldo, so if you happen to catch it on TV, keep an eye out for me.

I was supposed to be running the Marine Corps 10k on Sunday morning, but due to my big toe getting into a fight with a table and ending up with the raw end of the deal, that may be out of the picture now, we'll see. But I had lots of ideas for running costumes - Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, tooth fairy, flash dance....some really good ones.

So that leaves me with the main event - Saturday night. This costume has taken up many hours of planning, visiting three fabric stores so far, with more to come, and a few disagreements with the boyfriend. The inspiration was sexy monster, aka this dress, which I cannot afford:

I totally can make something similar though, so I thought it all out. The yarn might be a bit tedious, so I thought I would change it to feathers, and use boas. Unfortunately, there just isn't a lot out there for sexy feather monster costumes. Or sexy monsters in general. I wouldn't recommend googling it, just so you know. So after coming up wiht many design options ourselves, one of which boyfriend even dreamed about, I've decided to go the more simple route due to time constraints and start with a sequined mini dress and add a feather skirt. I've also purchased a feather wig, because no costume is complete without a wig. Stay tuned for the reveal!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Snapshot of My Life

So I'm taking an online time management workshop, because I'm ridiculous these days and not getting anything done. It started last week and I'm a week behind. Sad...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodness is the Only Word for It

So it's not really an exaggeration to say that at a minimum, my diet is made up of 25% cheese. And potatoes are right up there on the histogram of most commonly eaten foods by Laura. So when I came across a recipe for gnocci mac and cheese, you better believe that I may be getting a little more rotund in the future.

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