Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jinxed...Yet Again...

So I left everyone hanging the last time with my big news, but it turns out I jinxed myself.  After the inspection, and subsequent negotiations, I just wasn't comfortable with going forward, so we terminated our contract. :(  Back to square one for us.

Househunting is hard.  Especially when you have very very specific requirements, like living in a particular 5 block radius, wanting a big beautiful old house with tons of details and character, but doesn't need much work, you know, like complete rewiring and such.  Oh, and a garage and a nice basement, and a big yard.  Oh, and hubby keeps saying I'm not allowed to buy a 3000 sq. ft house, which is pretty much the only size range that fits all the other requirements (minus the budget).  Pshaw.  I'm a little afraid I've turned into the first time home-buyers on television I like to argue with about how crazy they are behaving, but I'm trying to keep it under control.  I've even gone so far as to email the Philadelphia tax assessor's office to ask why a particular property had such a high property tax (and yes, that involves me looking up property taxes on every house on a particular block).

We've expanded our search to a neighborhood across the river in New Jersey, but since I've been giving hubby a hard time from being from New Jersey pretty much since the day I met him, I'm having a hard time coming to terms with that one.  Also, taxes are insane in New Jersey.  Like, the monthly taxes on the houses we're looking at are approaching the total amount we pay for rent currently.

Anyway, those are my ranting thoughts about househunting at the moment, but who knows, maybe the perfect house will fall into our laps shortly.  Here's hoping!

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