Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life In a Cubicle

I was bored one day a while ago, so I decided to play with my digital macro at work...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So, after being chastised by Nikki for giving my bug pictures preference over extolling the virtues of spending the weekend with my friends, I figured I would make amends. Behold the joys of a weekend at the Geers. Ah, my beloved Michigan. I love how I always get nostalgic about a place after I move away. :)

Creepy Crawlies

So I know it's been forever, but I have a new excuse this time. I was on vacation and I didn't feel like sorting through pictures to post. :) Everyone gave me a ton of crap for having like 50 pictures on my camera of this bug, but it was really cooperative and didn't move a lot, so I had to take advantage of it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Austin Architecture

So, looking through my Austin pictures made me nostalgic, and now I have to post some more pictures.

The buildings on campus are so pretty, although my inside sources (i.e. Jeff) tells me the architecture is going downhill with recent additions.
More pretty terra cotta tile roofs.
I've always loved this canopy thing, which I walked past every day on my super secret route to my building.
And of course, what summary of campus architecture is complete without the tower.
And where did I spend my days, you may ask? In the basement of this oh so beautiful building, ECJ.
The Frost Tower isn't on campus, but I think it's one of the coolest building in Austin. It totally looks like an owl.
My nostalgia has even forced me to look up the words to that wonderful hit song, "Ode to the LRC" - Learning Resource Center, the computer lab in ECJ.
Oh give me a home where the engineers roam
And the printers and workstations play
Where often is heard typing in MS-Word
And the PC’s are buzzing all day
Home, home at LRC
Where the SPSS shows the way
Where flatscreens adorn and the bright geeks are born
On the grand 3rd floor in ECJ
How often at night when the desktops are bright
With the lights from the shiny displays
Have I pasted a chart for our dear dr. Bhat
Hoping one day for wonderful A’s
Home, home at LRC
Where the SPSS shows the way
Where flatscreens adorn and the bright geeks are born
On the grand 3rd floor in ECJ
Oh give me a land full of travel demand
Where regressions and models abound
You should come visit me in the bright LRC
To discover the heaven I found
Home, home at LRC
Where the SPSS shows the way
Where flatscreens adorn and the bright geeks are born
On the grand 3rd floor in ECJ

Austin Murals

So I have a project now, involving murals of DC. I'm going to wait a bit before I divulge what it actually is, but I am not going to post any of my DC mural pictures because of it. Instead, I will go back into the archives and pull out some Austin mural pictures.

Most of these are on or near the Drag by campus, including this one.

The frog/alien is quite a local fixture...when the building was bought recently, it was a stipulation of the sale that he not be painted over. The artist is Daniel Johnson, who is a fascinating character.

This mural (the next 2 pictures) has so many little Austin insider tidbits. The naked guy running with the bongos on the right of the top picture is Matthew McConaughey.
This mural is on the side of the Gingerbread Man downtown, and I think it's my favorite.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DC Scenery - Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mt. Pleasant

So last night I went to a lecture about the insider's view of Washington, which I already knew most of, but it was interesting. Anyway, it has inspired me to post some of my random DC scenery pictures, mostly of different neighborhoods' architecture.

The first two pictures were on my old street, Lanier Place NW, which is on the border between Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant. Interestingly enough, Adams Morgan wasn't a neighborhood until the 1950s when they integrated the black and white school districts and made a new one in the middle.

These are my favorite row houses in DC, just off of Calvert Street in Adams Morgan. I used to pass them every day on my way to the metro.

Rowhouses in Mt. Pleasant.

A gorgeous house around the corner from the above rowhouses, which in my dreams someday I will buy. Unfortunately it will have to stay in my dreams.

Mt. Pleasant also has a lot of apartment buildings, so I thought I would throw one in for posterity.

Rowhouses on Monroe St NW and 16th St in Columbia Heights.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Fisheye Pictures

So, as I'm still terribly behind on my photo editing (but getting better, and hopefully I'll get all caught up next week when I'm in Michigan), here are a few random fisheye pictures from a while ago.

A statue somewhere by the mall. I think it was in front of the Latin American Museum, if such a thing exists.

Katz's deli in New York - where the infamous scene in When Harry met Sally took place (my favorite movie of all time)

Friday, July 11, 2008

The View

So it's been forever since I've posted anything, mostly because it's been forever since I've edited any of my pictures. Not having a computer of my own anymore kinda limits my editing time. Anyways, here are some that are from a month or two ago.

The view from my desk on a normal day.

The view from my office during a thunderstorm. I believe this is the time we lost power for 30 minutes or so.

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