Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The cycle of life

Despite the fact Hubby and I have put a moratorium on acquiring any more frogs, we adopted a new little guy last weekend.  I occasionally check a reptile rescue website, and have never seen any frogs on there, but there just happened to be one last time.  The woman we adopted him from had purchased a head of lettuce at a organic market, had it in the fridge for three days, and then her daughter went to wash it in the sink, and a frog jumped out!  She did an impressive amount of research, but it was getting hard to take care of him, so she wanted him to go to a good home, and now he has lots of froggy friends.  She named him Gilbert, and he is an American green tree frog.

Unfortunately, two days later my grey tree frog, Bo, passed away, so it was a sad day.

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