Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

A trip up to boyfriend's cabin a week ago means I came home with a Christmas tree! It's pretty small, but it is the first tree I've had living all by myself, so I had fun decorating. :) Now I just need to figure out when to have a party!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woo Hoo!

I just got my fifteen minutes of fame! I made it onto the front page of Etsy! Totables is doing quite well these days, and I'm gearing up for my first craft show, so if you're in the DC area come on out! The details are:

T.C. Williams High School
3330 King Street
Alexandria, VA

Saturday, December 18th
10 am to 4 pm

The craft show is being put on by the advanced engineering class and is supporting Joining Hearts and Hands, an organization that promotes educational, health, and economic well fare for the people of Kenya and Tanzania. This organization, founded by William and Joanne Cala, has raised money to build schools, health clinics water wells, and latrines in these countries. They have also provided secondary school scholarships for students and created micro-businesses to promote self-sustainability.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 100 Greatest Cult Restaurants of All Time

So I was perusing the Real Simple blogs, and came across a post on The 100 Greatest Cult Restaurants of All Time. The definition of a cult restaurant is:

- Having a highly devoted customer base, divided between locals and tourists
- Stellar and unique food
- An almost unbearable wait
- Not too many multiple locations
- Cheap—less then $20 per person for a meal

Sounds good to me, so I counted up where I had been on the list, along with my own commentary.

9. Ben’s Chili Bowl (Washington, D.C.) - I hate chili, and therefore am not a fan.
18. Ray’s Hell Burgers (Arlington, VA) - Pretty good burger, and I may be going against regional judgement here, but I've had better.
54. Voodoo Doughnut (Portland, OR)
70. Dinosaur BBQ (Syracuse, NY) - I actually ate at the NYC location, and Salt Lick should totally be above it on the list.
80. Salt Lick Bar-B-Que (Driftwood, TX) - Best BBQ in the world.
84. Busboys & Poets (Washington, D.C.) - Fun place to hang out, not sure their food warrants them being on the list.
96. Georgetown Cupcake (Washington, D.C.) - Way too popular for its own good.

Anyone else have thoughts on the list?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume Madness, Part 2!

So here we go - the reveal! The rally was a lot of fun, despite not being able to meet up with multiple groups of friends. It ended up just being me, boyfriend, and another friend, Brian.

What most of the rally looked like to me.

Until I got to see the view from boyfriend's shoulders.


After a quick change at home, time to go out on the town in my second costume of the day! It ended up being more Vegas showgirl then sexy monster, but it worked.


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