Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big News!

So I've been pretty silent the past few weeks, but for a good cause, I promise.  Boyfriend and I went on vacation in New Mexico a few weeks ago, and while on top of a mountain overlooking Albuquerque, he proposed, and so now boyfriend has become fiancĂ©e!  We are trying like mad to pull together a wedding in Michigan in October (planning from DC), so I've been a little busy the last few weeks.  We have the church somewhat lined up, but we have to pick between two reception locations by tomorrow.  I haven't seen either place in person, but I've sent my parents to go check them out.  Which do you think?  (Seriously, I need help deciding here).

Option 1:  The Old Art Building

This is a building that is used for art shows and performances and whatnot, and is basically across the street from Lake Michigan.  You can't see the lake, but it's a short walk, and there is a river that runs right next to it.  It's the cheaper option (by a decent amount), and is slightly closer to the church.  It's slightly smaller, which means we might have to take down a few tables after dinner for dancing.  It's a similar style to option 2, just more rustic.  If the weather cooperates, I might set up lawn games or something, because there is a nice big yard.




Option 2:  Willowbrook Mill

This is a water mill that was recently renovated for the purpose of being a reception location.  It's gorgeous.  This is on the other side of the Leelanau peninsula, so it overlooks the Grand Traverse Bay.  Again, it's across the street, but doesn't have a super view of the water, but very easy to walk to.  And I will say it again, it's gorgeous.




So there you have it kids, what do you say?

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