Monday, May 20, 2013

A Scarf by Another Name

I love scarfs, but I tend to buy them and never wear them.  So back in January I figured I would turn this scarf into a shirt.  It was a bit tricky since I decided to only line the scarf section, but it came out ok.  The inside is completely finished with french seams and I hand sewed the neckline, so I actually am proud of the finishing details.  Unfortunately, I hadn't pre-washed my fabric, and it shrunk a bit more than I had anticipated.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So I've really been trying to up my sewing game the past few months, and have several failures and a few successes under my belt.  I would technically classify these as a failure, but the very fact that I made my first (finished) pair of pants makes them a semi-success.  I have two other pairs of pants that are sitting in my "I don't want to work on you anymore because you suck" pile, but we'll see if they ever get finished.  The fly is completely wrong (if I move the zipper is instantly visible), and I had to add the pleats because the fit was so bad, but overall, they look like real pants (with pockets!), and I'm proud of them.  I may turn them into bumming around the house pants though, because they are a washed silk and incredibly comfortable.

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