Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DC Scenery - Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mt. Pleasant

So last night I went to a lecture about the insider's view of Washington, which I already knew most of, but it was interesting. Anyway, it has inspired me to post some of my random DC scenery pictures, mostly of different neighborhoods' architecture.

The first two pictures were on my old street, Lanier Place NW, which is on the border between Adams Morgan and Mt. Pleasant. Interestingly enough, Adams Morgan wasn't a neighborhood until the 1950s when they integrated the black and white school districts and made a new one in the middle.

These are my favorite row houses in DC, just off of Calvert Street in Adams Morgan. I used to pass them every day on my way to the metro.

Rowhouses in Mt. Pleasant.

A gorgeous house around the corner from the above rowhouses, which in my dreams someday I will buy. Unfortunately it will have to stay in my dreams.

Mt. Pleasant also has a lot of apartment buildings, so I thought I would throw one in for posterity.

Rowhouses on Monroe St NW and 16th St in Columbia Heights.

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