Friday, October 9, 2009

Seriously, I could be doing about 12 different things next weekend...

...but no, I'm going to boyfriend's dad's wedding. I'm trying not to complain, really, I like him a lot (boyfriend's dad, that is) and I want to be at the wedding, but here is a short list of what I will be missing:

The Sartorialist book-signing
Getting to meet Lumbergh and Milton from Office Space - pretty close to the best movie ever.
Aaron Karo show - actually got canceled and will be rescheduled, but it was on the list originally.

Ok, so I know that's only two actual things, but I think there is more that I'm just blocking because it makes me sad. And they are really awesome things. But I love boyfriend, and therefore I am off to Boston.


Boyfriend said...

Does the fact that he's taking you on vacation to Maine count for nothing?

huisj said...

You could also come to GR for the last ever Bless You Boys show Friday night at the intersection. I'll be there shedding a tear and rocking out to their music one last time.

McLaura said...

The fact that a vacation is also involved does make it a bit better. :) And of course I would always love a trip to Grand Rapids, so I'll throw that on the list as well.

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