Friday, October 23, 2009

Maybe Cute, Maybe Odd Frog Behaviour

So I'm totally a frog momma, as I have to tell everyone what my frogs have done lately. I got home last night and could only see Clark in their tank, so I took off the top to look around. Lo and behold, Clark was sitting on top of Lewis, completely covering him. They are way too young for there to be any freaky behavior going on, so I'm not really sure why Clark decided to smother Lewis. I was a little worried for Lewis, as he looked somewhat blob-like and unnatural looking after Clark finally got off of him, but he perked right up. Maybe Clark thought Lewis looked cold or something.

In other frog news, Leo is starting to grow up! He is changing from his juvenile coloring of green with yellow spots to various shades of brown. Awww...they grow up so quickly.

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