Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So, I know 3 posts in a morning is a bit excessive, but hear me out. I was looking through pictures, and this one reminded me of a great story, so since I have no exciting stories in my life at the moment, here goes.

I have always professed my deep love for Meijer grocery stores, but unfortunately I have had to stray, as they don't exist in DC. When I was about 8, I found out they were only in Michigan, and a few surrounding areas, and I was dumbstruck, as I had no idea where I would buy my groceries if I moved away. Well, I did move away, and now I have switched some of my loyalty over to Giant. It's nowhere near as good as Meijer, but it is a heck of a lot cheaper than the Whole Foods, which is my other viable option. So, to sum up that part of the story, Giant is a common grocery store in DC.

The next portion involves our trip to Puerto Rico. So John and I were driving along, and, lo and behold, there is a grocery store called Grande on the side of the road. John just thinks that's the greatest thing ever. "I want to shop at a grocery store named big!" he says. I then, not so gently, remind him that he shops at the Giant.

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