Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Herbert Hoovers

So I'm currently in the process of totally overhauling my photo storage file structure system, so I can't post any pictures, as that would just completely throw me into chaos. So instead, I will fill you in on my wonderful little pets, all 78 of which are named Herbert Hoover. This is my fifth foray into the world of sea monkey raising, and so far it's going OK. The first 3 trys failed because I didn't read the instructions good enough and I neglected to aerate their water daily. I was determined though, so I read every tidbit of information on the sea monkeys website and purchased all kinds of doo dads and treats for them, and the fourth time, I really thought they were going to make it. Unfortunately, I was a little too zealous of a pet owner, and I decided their water was too dirty and they needed a change of water. Sea monkeys are delicate creatures, and they need filtered water, so I made sure to let my Brita pitcher warm up to room temperature and I carefully used my aqua leash/water aerator to transfer them all to a bowl of purified water, while I washed their bowl and refilled it. I thought all was well, but it was not to be. Within a few days, no more sea monkeys. But every time I learn from my mistakes, and it's going good so far. They are in Day 8 of their existance, and are happily swimming around. The pictures aren't the greatest I know, but I'm not advanced enough to a good picture of an 1/8" long thing that swims really fast.

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