Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spinning In Circles

So, for some odd reason, I feel like I am busy, busy, busy, but I can't actually think of anything that I've been doing. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. But anyways, here are some pictures to add to my busy-non-doingness.

These are some pictures from the National Zoo, which despite the fact I used to live like 3 blocks away from, I've only been to a couple of times. Someone asked me what my favorite animal at the zoo was, and I have to reply the arapaima fish, the bottom two pictures. Most people would pick the panda bears, or some other cute and cuddly animal, of which there are plenty, but I am fascinated by fish. They remind me of like some sort of molded plastic model of a gigantic prehistoric fish. They are over 6 feet long and so cool.

This reminds me of a funny story. So when asked for my phone number while out, I generally just put the other person's phone number in my phone, rather than give my number out. So this leads to some numbers which I have no idea who the person is in my phone. One time I was scrolling through my contacts and I came across Fonz. Who in the world would honestly go by Fonz? So this was a mystery for quite a while, until one time I happened to notice a bumper sticker, which also said Fonz. The lightbulb comes on! Fonz is not a some guy from an old tv show, but instead is Friends of the National Zoo. I had put the number in my phone on one of my visits to the zoo, because I had thought about volunteering. So much for all my good intentions.

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