Monday, October 27, 2008

I Can't Contain Myself...

So my small house options just keep expanding! While getting my daily Apartment Therapy fix, I ran across this post on container houses, which is an amazing idea. I would never have thought that shipping containers could look so good, but it's an incredibly smart-looking solution to my quest for a small house.

The house boat idea is currently holding first place as far as the most achievable idea goes, but the container house will definitely be stored in the ideas folder. The first 3 pictures are from Container City, a company based in England, and the last 2 are from another apartment therapy post.

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huisj said...

It appears that along with the expanding number of options the square footage of the options is expanding as well.

I'm expecting to see a feature on earthships in the near future on here. You can build them with awesome portable cranes, or so I hear.

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