Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Living Small

So I really wasn't swallowed up by the Kalahari Desert, I've just been avoiding editing my photos and writing up my experiences. So, to further procrastinate, I will write on a different topic all together. This summer, I was inspired by a magazine article, I don't even remember which magazine now, but it had a tent cabin in it. This idea is rather attractive to me, as the chances of me owning an apartment, much less a house, in DC in the next 20 years or so aren't too great. Not too long after that I was watching Extreme Living on HGTV, and they featured a tower built on a tiny, plot that was maybe 200 sq. ft., and my ideas grew more. Well, life took over though, and I forgot about tiny spaces, but then I happened across a couple of articles today that have re-inspired me. This Yale student built a trailer house, which was inspired by http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/. I've lived in studio apartments for over 2 years now, so it's not such a huge leap, but it may be a while before even something like that comes to fruition.

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JS said...

They're pretty cool looking tiny abodes. Not very much wasted space and environmentally friendly too! Cool if the solar panels produce sufficient power, but what about water? For me, the worse part about these little places are the bathrooms. Smelly odors and gases in a relatively confined space are not cool! If lighting the occasional match after a dookie doesn't inadvertently blow up your whole home, then you might be wishing to set it ablaze yourself anyway. Besides, where would I sleep when I visit.

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