Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Death Berries

This post has two purposes:

1) To showcase some of the beautiful ginkgo trees that are all over DC.

They really are quite lovely. Last weekend, boyfriend and I were walking down his street and the sunlight and beautiful blue sky made a gorgeous composition, but my hands were full of bags and I couldn't get out my camera. Unfortunately, when we left his house, the sun had gone away, so this is the best I could do. So that takes care of purpose number one.

2) To profess my hatred for them.

Hatred may be a tad too strong, but let me just tell you, I don't visit boyfriend nearly as often in the fall. Because you see, apparently whoever decided that ginkgo trees would make a lovely choice to line the streets of DC however many years ago didn't know a whole lot about plant biology. I don't either, so I can't be too picky, but you think you would research your tree choices before mass plantings. Male ginkgos are wonderful and have no problems at all. Unfortunately, about half of the trees in DC are female ginkgos. They produce these wonderful little seed/berry things, which, bluntly speaking, smell like vomit. Especially when they are all over the sidewalk and get smushed into the sidewalk, and it's impossible to avoid stepping on them. Let's just say, my shoes need a good scrubbing after walking down boyfriend's street.

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Ashley said...

Yeah, but DID YOU KNOW that scientists thought ginkos were EXTINCT for the longest time, they only had fossilized ginko leaves from dinosaur times, and then suddenly they found a LIVING one not too many decades ago and were astonished and so now they have experienced a literal renaissance and therefore you should appreciate them for the fact that man didn't completely obliterate them from the Earth!!!!!! (even if they smell like puke, which, I admit, would turn me off, too...)

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