Friday, November 7, 2008

House Tour

I was browsing Apartment Therapy today, and I came across this post, which is a tour of a girl's first apartment in Adams Morgan. I was curious as to how my own first apartment in Adams Morgan would hold up.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen View 2 - Not quite as attractive, but functional
The Kitchen - I loved my little table - The chairs are actually really cool diner chairs, but they have reddish-orange vinyl seats and backs, so I had to make slipcovers for them so they would match the table.
The Bed - This wasn't taken at the same time as the rest of the photos, but I don't have a picture of the bed. This is the platform bed that I had custom built - once again, thanks to boyfriend - because my antique massive bed didn't quite work with all the windows and doors in the apartment. Unfortunately, I don't have a massive walk-in closet in my new apartment to store the other bed, so I had to sell the platform bed when I moved.
The Entrance - not very auspicious, but it works. The green chair is another slip-covering job of mine, as it was formerly fuzzy and orange. The green boxes under the bed were awesome for storage in a tiny apartment.
The Living Room - Despite the fact my bed was in the middle of it, it worked well.
Living Room - The white pumpkins on the coffee table are imported from Michigan - courtesy of Mom. My loveseat was my favorite part of the apartment, as it was my pseudo-chesterfield, my dream couch.
Living Room - The console table was my Great-grandmother's and represents a project which is still underway. It's mostly stripped, but I haven't gotten around to finishing cleaning it up and re-staining it. The keyboard is also an over-ambitious project. I thought it would motivate me to put my 10 years of lessons to good use, but rather it's just a not so good use of the console table.
The Bathroom - Small, but light and airy. Oh how I miss you, gloriously light and not pink bathroom. My new bathroom is like 3 times the size, but completely covered in pink tile and pink fixtures, not so cool.
My Balcony - A tiny retreat, which would have been so much better if it weren't cut in half by a chimney. Oh, and also if it weren't the way stupid robbers were able to break into my apartment (reason I moved out of the apartment).
The View - The back alleys of Adams Morgan aren't particularly inspiring, but it wasn't bad.

So there you have it - my first real apartment after college. I think I did a pretty good job, although I do have to admit, these pictures were taken after I had lived there for a while. I left out the first set on purpose. The apartment itself helped, as it had character in tall ceilings, beautiful wood floors and lots of light. Whenever I get nostalgic for the character though, boyfriend has to remind me of the cockroaches and robbers, but I will always love my first apartment.


Melanie Spring said...

girlie - your place has become your adorable haven! I loved it when I went over a year ago and still love it. It's fabulous! I need to come visit - are you having another party anytime soon?! In DC, we could squish about 50 people in there and still breathe. ;) How are you doing? You and John married yet? I need details!

dcpeg said...

I saw your post on DCBlogs and knew I had to read it. Your first apartment looks so nice! Too bad you were burgled and had to move. This will date me, but my 1st place was an "efficiency" in a 1936bldg. four blocks from the White House. I started out with a foam mattress on a board, two orange canvas campaign chairs, a big box turned upside down for a table, and a remnant of red/orange shag rug. Wasn't much but it was ALL MINE! Ya never forget your first place, do ya?! Oh, and my frig was an under the counter one made of wood and the kitchen sink was the size of a shoe box. BUT, the bathroom had a window in it -- in the shower. ;-)

Malnurtured Snay said...

Nice apartment! Going to give us a tour of your new place? I think I'll have to do this as well ...

Dmbosstone said...

It is great to read this post- right now I am moving into the a new place and this was a very timely post to read!

Colleen said...

Want to chat about a tour of your current place for ATDC?
Let me know!
Colleen from ATDC

colleen (at) apartmenttherapy (dot) com

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