Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Mustache of Justice

Ah, the news that gets reported in D.C....where every element of political life is thoroughly analyzed, right down to facial hair. The Washington Post reports on the rise of the mustache in government, due to Obama's staff. My personal favorite is Rep. Henry Waxman (the far right picture). The post says,

"The 'stache went totally A-list last week when Rep. Henry Waxman was elected the new chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee. Waxman's short, military brush has terrified Capitol Hill for years and earned its own nickname -- "Mustache of Justice" -- with a line of magnets, mugs and buttons.

How powerful? Stephen Colbert teased D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that she ranked below the 'House speaker, majority leader, congressional pages, tourists and Henry Waxman's mustache.'"

(Photo courtesy of The Washington Post)

And yes, I know I'm already slacking on the word of the day for yesterday (I'm allowed to take the weekends off though), so to make up for it there will be two words today. And yes, one of them is mustache.


huisj said...

What about people with beards that don't have the mustache part? Is there a cleaver catch phrase for that?

Laura said...

I've wracked my brain, but beards don't have quite the panache that mustaches have (see what I did there?), so I can't come up with a catch phrase. The little, lippy soul patch? That's the best I can come up with, I'm afraid.

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