Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is it the republicans turn in the zoo?

So it's a week after the election, so I will finally get around to posting about it. The district popular vote ended up being 93% for Obama, glad to see that my vote really counted. (I've been waiting for a chance to bring out the teal - if anyone besides Andrew gets it, you get a cookie.) Anyways, everyday I pass by the Washington Post building, and there is a donkey and an elephant out front. The elephant is painted with various governmental buildings and the donkey is painted with pandas. I've never understood this. My personal theory is that it is because the president was a republican and therefore had control of the government, and the democrats are therefore either left in the wild or penned up in the zoo. I'm curious to see if they will repaint them in January...I'll keep you informed of any happenings.

In other political news (as political as it gets for me, at least), they are already preparing for the inaugaration. I walked past the White House this weekend and there are like 8 trailers out front and they are building the stage. It seriously takes 3 months? Come on, people, I know you're government workers, but I expect better than that.

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huisj said...

You used the teal in a dangerous way. If you talk politics on WSI, you earn yourself a one week ban. It keeps discussions from turning into stupid trash-talk wars.

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