Friday, November 21, 2008

Retouching Photos - or as I like to call it, Magic

So I am a strong supporter of Picasa for all of my photo editing needs, which I generally don't do a ton of, but I like to play every now and then. So the newest version of Picasa has this awesome retouch tool, which is a really user-friendly airbrushing technique. The first time I used it though, I was trying to remove a blemish from my face and ended up just putting it somewhere else on my face, because I had the sequence backwards. But once you get the hang of it, it's quite nice.

Yesterday I thought I would experiment with my apartment by removing items without actually having to remove them, and it proved quite effective. Granted, there are some fuzzy areas, and it doesn't work quite as well as removing blemishes, but I'm impressed with myself. I removed 9 items, whoever can find them all first wins my enduring affection.

DC Apt No 2-3

1 comment:

JS said...

I count 9:

reminds me of that nudie game Michigan has in their bars where you try to spot the difference in the two photos...from what I hear about them anyway.

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