Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Extravaganza 2008!

So I'm rushing to get all my Christmas-related posts done before the year turns over and I'm not allowed to speak of Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving (self-imposed rule). When I was home I thought I would take some pictures of the adorable (if I may say so myself) clay Santas I made back in high school art class. I still have some Sculpey clay left over from my lampshade project....maybe I should dust off my sculpture skills a bit.

I also have to take the opportunity to showcase my Christmas decorations, even though I completely forgot to take pictures during my actual party. After having the parents haul my box of Christmas stuff all the way from Michigan when they visited me in September, I figured I should actually use them, and that led to me having a party, so people could actually see the decorations.

The lightbox got rigged up with christmas lights in lieu of actually get a real light inside of it.

Seeing as how I don't have a mantel, the bookshelf has to do for holding my stockings. My lion-headed bowls normally are odds and ends collectors, but they made great votive candle holders.

My red and white still-life - the basket was brought back from Rwanda by a friend and the pom-poms were made out of Target bags.

Last year's impulse Christmas tree buy was the feather tree and this year was the glitter tree. Good thing I have closet space - who knows how big next year's will be.

This plant has seen 7 Christmases with me, so I thought it should also get in the holiday spirit.

Even the pendant light got a bit of Christmas sparkle.

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