Friday, December 12, 2008

I Have a Drinking Problem

Or at the very least, I have a problem obtaining something to drink. I've come to the conclusion that water-giving devices just don't like me. At work, we have a water cooler. Which is great, except for that fact that it never wants to actually give me water. I push the button, and it will sputter out a few drops. I push it harder and longer, and it gives me even less. After about 7 pushes, it will finally decide that it should actually output a stream of water, rather than sporadic dribbles. This wouldn't be so terrible, except it's really loud. It makes these clicking and pumping noises, just so that the entire office knows that I am deficient at operating a water cooler.

I am doing my final stint at the Census Bureau this week and next, and today I went to the water fountain to fill up my water bottle. Yesterday, this worked just fine, but today the fountain decided to toy with me. Instead of a steady stream that is at a constant height, it decided to vary itself, irregardless of the constant pressure I was applying. This resulted in a mad dash as I had to move my water bottle up and down in an attempt to read the mind of the water fountain and figure out which way it was going next. Fun times.


huisj said...

Just mix rum in with a 20 oz coke. It'll be a lot more exciting than fighting a water cooler in the office. You can pretend you're an undergrad going to a hockey game at the jolly roger.

Melanie said...

AA called and said that they were looking for you. Good luck with figuring out how to stop it. Drinking problems are hard to battle. Good luck with the water fountain.

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