Friday, February 20, 2009

Boyfriend's Room gets a Facelift Part 3

As a way of introduction, and just so you don't think I completely added the wrong title to this post, I came across some hammered copper end tables yesterday on craigslist that I thought would look fantastic in boyfriend's room, but they were just too expensive, and not exactly what he wanted anyway.

So a while ago I ran across the wall covered in different-sized and different-colored tin can lids, and fell in love, and filed it away in ideas which I must someday try. In my internet perambulations today I came across another blog post which talked about it in more detail and actually pointed me to the website of the guy who created it, Clare Graham. It turns out I don't really like the image of the whole entire wall covered in the lids, as I had only seen a detail picture of it before, but I still really like the idea of it used as an accent. So I was quite happy to run across this little end table on his website, which inspired me immediately to try and do something similar for Boyfriend's room. So if you see me digging through trash cans this weekend, no worries, I'm not homeless, I'm just looking for some tin can lids.

(Photo courtesy of Clare Graham)

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