Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a sucker for a good font

So Pepsi's new ad campaign and logo fall into the same camp as the recent Ikea ads, as far as I'm concerned, but I do like the new font, I must admit.

In other pop-related interests, I have been mystified for a while now by a memory of a pop logo, which I used to think was an old Pepsi logo, that has the Pepsi blue and red circle thing, but instead of solid colors, it's done in bars, kind of like this, but I think that's a fake logo. An extensive google search does not pull up any such logo, Pepsi or otherwise, so if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, let me know.


huisj said...

The logo with the bars was an old diet pepsi logo, probably from the 80s and early 90s I think. It's on this machine:

When the new pepsi logo came out a month or two ago, I thought it was a meijer brand or something. It's so plain that it blended right in and looked like the minimalist look that lots of meijer products have gone to in the last few years.

I hate pepsi. Coke, RC, and even Faygo are all better. And Jennifer Granholm told me last night that I have to use Michigan products, so it's all Faygo all the time for me from now on. I have a Faygo creme soda on my desk that I just bought at Quality Dairy (chose it over 7-11 since it's another Michigan company).

Laura said...

I knew I could count on your internet searching capabilities to find random trivia! You've solved a mystery that has been bothering me for years. No one has ever known what I was talking about.

Laura said...

That's funny about thinking it was the Meijer brand too - a different blog I read said that it was trying to look more simple, but was ending up looking like a generic brand. If we had Faygo here, I would totally buy it. I once did bring some back to Texas though for a friend from Michigan, if that counts.

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