Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to the daily grind...

So I figured I should actually let people know that I made it back alive from Honduras, but I'm too lazy to actually go through my pictures yet. It was a great trip, despite the fact my epidermis is now shedding everywhere. My face and shoulders are peeling ridiculously, even though I gave in and actually wore sunscreen. Oh well. I will just tell one story for now. On Sunday, boyfriend, boyfriend's dad, and I were driving down to Tegucigalpa, the capitol city, where boyfriend's dad lives. It was like an 8 hour drive, which boyfriend had previously told me was 4 hours, so needless to say, I was zoning out after a while. All of the sudden, I see The Chairs.

To give you a little background, back in October I ran across this post on Apartment Therapy, about these chairs. I tried to convince boyfriend he should build me two of them, but he insisted he needed a table saw, so I would have to wait a while. I gave it up, and filed them away in the back of my head. That is, until I happened to see them for sale on the side of the road in Honduras! So I yelled out, "Boyfriend! The chairs!" very loudly, nearly giving boyfriend's dad a heart attack, as he tried to figure out what was going on. After explaining about the chairs, he said, oh we should turn around and go back. I said, oh, I don't know how we will get them back, maybe there will be more, etc, etc.

So then it turned into a mission. Unfortunately, we kept driving and kept not seeing any more chairs. Meanwhile, I'm kicking myself for not saying that we should go back. We stopped at a real furniture store, but then didn't have any. After going up and down the whole mountain, I finally found them again! You better believe I wasn't letting them get away from me this time. I was able to get two of the chairs for $17, and then the fun part was trying to fit them in boyfriend's dad's small car which was full of our luggage. We finally got them in and I was a happy girl. We still hadn't quite figured out how to get them home though, but we eventually decided it would be best to take them apart completely, as they are only held together by 4 wires, and just bundle up all of the wood. So now I have yet another project, as I have a stack of wood sitting in my living room that I have to sand, stain, and put back together, but I thrive on projects.

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