Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chair Project Update

Work has officially begun on updating my sidewalk find chair. Boyfriend has taken it all apart and started stripping off the crappy old finish, and I've begun thinking about what fabric I want to reupholster it in. I was still stumped, so I thought I would turn to my favorite resource, Apartment Therapy, and see what they had to say. Most commenters gave me grief about painting it white, but it needed to be done. I do agree with them though that the darker color gave a nice contrast to the bathroom, so I may rethink the paint color a bit, and go with something darker. As far as fabric choices, there were a variety of options, with my favorite being some sort of textured, solid-colored fabric, as I don't want it to get too crazy in there. Terry cloth is a good option, if I want it to stay solely in the realm of the bathroom, but I also liked linen or raw silk as an option. I will have to make a trip down to Georgetown sometime soon to visit my favorite fabric store and see what I come up with. Any suggestions for me before I go?

1 comment:

Bromeliad said...

There's a chair makeover on Crafty Nest where the chair went black and the fabric went light. Maybe an idea...


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