Friday, March 13, 2009

Food: Ray's Hell-Burger Edition

So boyfriend has been talking about this burger place in Rosslyn for months now, but I'm always reluctant to leave my haven of DC and enter the Commonwealth of Virigina. Last week, I finally did though, and went down to meet him after work for a wine tasting at Domasoteca (free wine tastings every Thursday). Afterwards, we walked over to Ray's Hell-Burger for dinner. It's definitely not a swanky place, but the burgers are good. It's the kind of place where you order your food, get a number, and then have to wait for people to leave so you can actually sit. I highly recommend it if you need to get you month's worth of cholesterol in one sitting, it was delicious.

Boyfriend had a burger with mushrooms,
grilled onions and peppers, bacon, and mozzarella.

I had a burger with pepperjack cheese, grilled peppers and onions, and guacomole.

We also had these delicious little balls of goodness - they were called tater tots, but they were essentially cheesy balls of mashed potatoes deep fried. I was in heaven. We washed it all down with Old Dominion root beer, which they have on tap. Ray's Hell-burger gets one and half thumbs up, but only doesn't get the extra half a thumb because it's in Virgina. :)

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