Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kitchen Beautification, Part 5

So I guess I left you all hanging on the kitchen, but I've been a little consumed with Small Cool fever this week. I'm a little disappointed in how things are turning out, as they are not capping the entries at 40, as the rules state, because they got so many entries at the end of the submission period. If they would have stopped at 40, I would have ended up at 8th place, which would have been a pretty much optimal position for the bracket, as I would have been the entry with the most votes in the bottom bracket. But alas, I'm currently in 9th, which is the worst position (I go against the first place entry), and there is one more day of entries. Oh well, I had a good run, and I'm impressed I did as well as I did.

But I digress from kitchen talk. It's all up in the air once again as to what I will do with the kitchen, surprise, surprise. I was talking with a friend last week, and it turns out there is the possibility of renting a row house with her and one of her other friends, which would be cheaper and the timing would be perfect. So if I do that, I'll leave the fugly kitchen for the next tenant to deal with, seeing as how I don't want to do a lot of work on the kitchen and move in four months. But, while I was at the top of my game in the Small Cool competition, boyfriend and I were scheming as to how we could improve the appearance of the kitchen for future pictures, as it really is the downfall of my apartment. Oh, the finalists get to submit 10 new pictures, so that's why we were thinking this. We had a few ideas, and I think they would work out really well, without even having to get permission. So here goes:

Appliances - can't really do anything without expense/permission, so they have to stay.

Cupboards - kind of the same boat as the appliances, but I could paint. I also had a brilliant idea to hide at least a few of them. I don't use the bottom cupboards a ton, as they house my pots and pans (I don't cook that often) and cleaning supplies (ditto). I could figure out a way to attach a skirt to the bottom of the countertop, in a neutral shade, to hide some of the nastiness, similar to what I did in the bathroom (glue guns work wonders).

Backsplash - As the third of the most hideous elements of my kitchen, I think I could locate some sort of sheet of metal/something that I could just temporarily prop up/attach to the wall to hide the blue/white wallpaper. This could potentially still be the pressed tin that I had suggested previously.

Walls - I had a brilliant thought regarding the walls. There are 2 full gallons of the wall color paint stored in the kitchen cabinets. I could totally just paint it for now and then repaint when I leave. Granted, it's a lot of work for 4 months of painted walls, but if it got me the competition championship, it would have been worth it.

So there you have it - a few non-committal options for updating a kitchen enough for pictures. I had a lot of fun brainstorming different ideas for the kitchen, so stay tuned, as this may become a regular feature!

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