Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laura's Travels: Philly Edition, No. 2

Continuing on with my trip to Philadelphia, after we hit up the Reading Terminal Market, the next stop is a must-see for any American, the Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, I didn't get to lick it, unlike Barney and Ted in the best show ever, but it was still pretty cool.


Around the corner, we next hit up Independence Hall, but didn't actually get to go inside.



In front of Independence Hall is a statue of Commodore Barry, who did something cool back in the day, I'm assuming. Unfortunately, I need to learn to frame my subjects a little better, as all five of the pictures I took of him were at this unfortunate angle.


And finally, a picture of boyfriend, who is so important he must talk on his blackberry while we're sightseeing. :)


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