Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm back!

Ok kids - the public meetings and the rest of the craziness that was last week was over, and it's back to business. To answer Bromeliad's question about the type of meeting they were - They were actually just public information meetings, not to the public hearing stage yet. Fortunately those won't come until the next planning project, which I won't have anything to do with. :) And they weren't even particularly informative meetings at that - for all of three meetings with about 20 staff at each, we had about 20 public members total. Somehow a meeting telling people how we're going to add some buses isn't quite as exciting as saying we're going to toll everyone oodles of money (those public meetings were much more fun).

Random exciting thing I found out today - So a while ago I posted a photo I had taken in Seattle a few years ago of a cool drain pipe. I was looking at Apartment Therapy and found out it's part of an installation of down-spout gardens, which are part of the Growing Vine Street Project.

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