Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elegance Evolves, But Perhaps Modeling Skills Going Down?

I ran across this ad in Harper's Bazaar, celebrating Vanity Fair's 90th anniversary. I thought it was a really well-done ad, with the exception that I thought the models did a substantially better job in the original photos. I've watched my fair share of America's Next Top Model, so I can do a photo critique with the best of them.

The first comparison is all about the facial expression. The original photo has a look of ethereal elegance as she looks up, while the new photo is more seductive, looking down a little. I guess that works as well, but I prefer the original.

For the second set of pictures, I thought the model in the new photo was just a little bored looking. Again, it's all about the little chin lift versus keeping the face level, and the original photo has attitude even in the wrist, while the new model is kind of limp.

The last comparison is an odd pose to begin with, but in my mind the new model did the worst job in emulating the old photo. The half-closed seductive eye on the original works with the coy hand, but the new model staring with an open eye straight at the reader is just strange.

Which set do you prefer - the originals or the new photos?

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Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with your comments, but i still love lingere ad's

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