Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laura gets in shape

So I've been a loser lately and haven't really posted anything or accomplished anything besides work the past week or so, aside from my brief stint into the athletic world this weekend and last. I am on the Texas Exes softball team, but hadn't made it to a game yet because we had 5 rain-outs and 2 actual games. We had a double header on Saturday that I actually could make it to, so that was fun. It's been so long since I've been able to talk anyone into playing my version of "baseball" with me, so it was good. Hmm....bushwoman is coming to visit me this weekend, maybe I'll get her to pitch for me. :) Anyways, they also needed girls for their soccer game on Sunday, so now I've also joined that team as well. I was a little nervous to play with UT people, as they can be pretty intense about their sports, but luckily the accepted my suckiness. Fun times.

Last weekend, boyfriend and I took a lovely bike ride up in Prince George's County, MD, on the Sligo Creek trails, just off the West Hyattsville Metro station....which I highly recommend. The trails are really nice, well-paved with pretty scenery, and there was almost no one else on them on a Sunday afternoon. Anyways, so the plan was to take the metro to West Hyattsville and ride 11 miles up to the Brookside Garden and then back. After leaving the metro station, we struck off to try and find the trails and found them after only a little bit of meandering. We struck off, and went four miles before we finally found a map, and discovered that we had gone in the wrong direction. I really wanted to go to the garden, and I had lugged my big camera out and everything, so we decided to just turn around and make it a 30 mile ride instead of 22 miles. After we made it back to the metro station, we discovered a handy little trail entrance like 10 feet from the metro station - you live, you learn. So anyways, after a nice long bike ride through beautiful parks and woods on a sunny day, we get to the Wheaton Regional Park, which is where Brookside Gardens is. With less than a mile to go, boyfriend wipes out on the trail, because he has a roadbike and the trail was really slick. Awesome. Luckily, both him and his bike were fine, just a bit scraped up. We got up to the garden, but my butt was really sore, because despite padded bike shorts, riding 20 miles isn't nice, boyfriend was in pain from his spill, not to mention as soon as we entered the garden he started have massive allergies. So we sat on a bench for a while while he sneezed away, I took a few pictures with my phone because I wanted a new background on my phone, and didn't even get out the big camera. Seeing as how neither of us were in shape to ride another 11 miles back to the metro station, we broke out the google maps and figured out another metro station was only about a mile away, so we rode there and then headed home.

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