Friday, June 5, 2009

Sail Away with Excessive Packing

This is a post about just how ridiculous packaging can be. I ordered a keyboard stand (piano keyboard, not computer keyboard), thinking that if I actually had a way to play my keyboard, I would do so. So far, that hasn't worked, but Amazon did feel the need to send an extremely skinny long box (think 5"x3"x30") in the massive box below. So of course I need to find another use for it, and what better thing to do than to turn it into a boat. And just for the record, this isn't the first time I've ridden in a cardboard boat. Civil engineers are cool like that and we always had a cardboard canoe race around the Sem Pond at Calvin. Ashley and I lost, but we still managed to get around the pond without sinking.

1 comment:

Bromeliad said...

I had no idea you could race a cardboard boat.

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