Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 50 States Project

I ran across this really interesting project today on It's Nice That, called the 50 States Project. Basically, 50 different photographers, one from each state, have five assignments, which should fit the theme and their photographic style, including people, habitat, landscape, industry, and entertainment (the last one isn't out yet). I was excited to see what photos were representing DC, and then I remembered, oh yeah, we're not a state. I was more upset about the fact we weren't represented there than the fact we're not represented in Congress. :) But I digress. So I looked back to my homeland to see what Michigan looked like through the eyes of Peter Baker. Most of them were Detroit-centric, so I don't relate super well, but I did like his people entry, "Joe Diesel". Which photos are your favorites, and do they do a good job representing the places you know and love?

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