Friday, September 11, 2009

Apartment Makeover

So I've mentioned before that I'm in the midst of redoing my apartment, but it's taking a while. My initial thought was to go from the oranges/reds to turquoises, but boyfriend has decided I am not allowed to repaint my dining room chairs (he did spend a lot of time painting them, to be fair). But seeing as how they are a reddish-orangy-coral color, that makes it difficult. Here are a couple of options that incorporate both blue/turquoise with red. What do you think, too patriotic?

(photos courtesy of


Nancy M said...

I think the first picture with the bed looks very nice. The coral is a good accent color with the blue.

McLaura said...

Thanks Mom! I haven't done anything yet except deep cleaning my whole apartment this weekend, so at least it's clean!

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