Thursday, September 3, 2009

Etsy Featured Seller - Larimeloom and Yarmee

I first found Lucia's work while browsing around the Etsy blog, the Storque. She has two stores, one showcasing her amazing clothing, Larimeloom, and the other for her scrumptiously colored yarns, Yarmee. Lucia is in Italy, and does most of the weaving, sewing, etc. herself, while her Mom and sister help out with ideas and photography. I love her simple, but unique and elegant style. Check out some of her work below:

Snow White jersey top - so comfy, yet so chic at the same time.

Natural Ecru silk top - I've always been a sucker for a romantic, flowy top.

Long Grey sweater dress - the ultimate day to night dress, I love how the tie can be worn many ways.

Red Tulip dress - This one is actually already sold, but I couldn't resist putting it up, as it's just so beautiful.

Carousel handspun yarn - This has to be one of my favorite color combinations ever, I'm totally in love.

Night Sky handspun yarn - I love the deep rich colors, perfect for fall. This would make a beautiful lightweight scarf to throw on with a long-sleeved tee and jeans for be-bopping around on a Saturday afternoon.

Fallen Leaves handspun yarn - The muted greens with the pop of yellow and orange are perfectly named in this yarn.

I hope you enjoyed a look at one of my new favorites on Etsy and definitely keep an eye on Lucia, as she has great things!

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