Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Furniture Wishlist / Potential DIY

For a while now I've been wanting to get/make some kind of bar storage, but due to limited space and not finding the perfect piece, I've been holding out. While looking at a house tour on Apartment Therapy today, I came across this really cool end table made out of cardboard, made by Anthony Caradonna. When I went back and looked at the post, it turns out it's actually a wine rack. Ideas are churning in my brain as I type... Stay tuned to see if anything actually comes of this. (disclaimer: I've actually put myself on a project moratorium, as I have way too many projects at the moment. But once they're at least somewhat done, this will be at the top of the list).


Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

We have a small wine fridge but I really want a bar cart. Right now, all of the happy juice is on a set of uber distressed small cabinets, not exactly ideal.

McLaura said...

Yeah, mine is on the top shelf of my pantry, which requires a chair every time I want to get something down - not very convenient.

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