Monday, January 11, 2010

Settling In, Week 1 - Storage Unit Mode

So I've been in the new apartment for a week now, so I figured I should actually put up some pictures of the new place. These pictures are from day 2 or 3, so it's gotten a little better since then, but not much. Unfortunately, the new apartment doesn't come with nearly as much storage space as the old apartment, and my two main pieces of storage furniture have yet to be built/bought.







So there you have it folks - stay tuned for more improvements and my huge list of projects to accomplish:

1) Paint living room walls (done!)
2) Make living room curtains (almost done)
3) Build shelving unit for living room Buy Billy bookshelves on Craigslist (long story, will get to this later)
4) Design loft bed/storage locker/work area (working on it)
5) Build loft bed/storage locker/work area
6) Figure out how in the world I want to decorate the bedroom (thinking blues)

and the list continues...

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