Thursday, February 4, 2010

Loft Renderings

Since my friends aren't all engineers, apparently my original loft diagram was hard to figure out. And since DC keeps getting blasted with snow (16"-24" this weekend), I have been unable to do any work on it, so it might be a while before the final version is ready, and I'm stuck with just the frame. To appease everyone's interest, I decided to put my mechanical drawing skills to work and do a few renderings.

Basically, it will be five separate pieces of furniture: the storage locker, which forms the base for the bed and is all enclosed (can't actually see it in the renderings), the clothes shelves (on the left), two rolling shelves for craft storage, and my desk. I'm still debating what to do for the ladder, but the basic option is to put it on the wall to the right of the loft. What do you think?



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