Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Quickie

So I've been trying to be better about the blogging these days, so I'll squeeze in just enough time this morning for a quickie. I typically don't have the energy to follow all that goes on during fashion week, so I glean bits and pieces from my internet wanderings and see what other people like. I know, I'm a bit of a fashion scavenger, but it works for me. Julee Wilson on the Simply Stated blog did a round up of a few of her favorite looks, and I really liked this one, from the Chris Benz show. I really like the shape of the skirt for some reason. As a short person, it's hard to wear a longer skirt and not look even shorter, but having the hem asymmetrical like this is a way to get around that.


John said...

Standing on cushions is good for the illusion of height, too...

McLaura said...

Ooooh, good call - I can just carry cushions around with me all day and no one will know the difference. :)

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