Thursday, November 3, 2011

Be a Wallflower

Yesterday I managed to tackle the 12 square feet of our living room that was taken over by all of my plants and replant some and distribute around the house.  Most of my plants are too large for this super cool idea that I ran across on Apartment Therapy, but it's definitely been stored in my idea folder: a wall of plants.  The first one I ran across was a pegboard option, very easy to DIY:

I can see that one working well in a kitchen as a vertical herb garden.  A fancier, albeit more expensive option is the magnetic vertical garden from Urbio:

Although this option is shown on a fence, I can see it translated inside for slightly larger plants:

Maybe once the house is finally put together (if that ever happens), I will try one of these options.  Which is your favorite?

Photos 1 & 4: Master Gardener Blog, Photos 2 & 3: Apartment Therapy

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