Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cutest thing in the world...

So ever since I went to Africa, I've had a bit of a thing for baby elephants.  They are just so adorable and would totally fit in my pocket.  Check out this little guy and tell me you're not melting:


Our guide said that he was at most like 3 days old, and ever since I've been trying to convince hubby we need an elephant, but he's stubborn and won't let me have one.  Anyway, that was all a digression to fill you in on how much I enjoyed looking at this baby elephant on a beach.


Typical Tackett said...

Would totally fit in your pocket!

Malavika Varma said...

Adorable doesn't describe it :)

Carline said...

I agree...baby elephants are cute!
Thanks for sharing... CF

ChristianGirl3420 said...

AWWWW, this is just the sweetest thing ever! I just want to hug him! XD

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