Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sewing with a plan

I've been doing a lot of wardrobe organization and style planning lately, and have been attempting to tame my schizophrenic color palette a bit. I first tried to figure out my color season, even going so far as to buy the infamous "Color Me Beautiful" book and color swatches, but I am hopeless and cannot tell if I'm cool or warm, dark or light.  It might have helped if I actually knew what my natural hair color was, but oh well.  I'm just going to assume I'm very neutral and everything looks good on me.  Sounds like a good plan, right?  I did try and narrow down the colors I love a bit, and came up with this palette:

With this in mind, I decided to prioritize my sewing list (which is long enough to take me at least a few years), oh, and buy a lot more fabric, of course.  I didn't intend for the vast majority of my purchases to be in the black/white family, but I did need to increase my neutral category quite a bit.  Also, apparently it's impossible to buy a black/white striped tee.  Every striped tee I could find was navy/white, and while navy is in my palette, black is by far my neutral of choice, so I figured might as well sew them instead.  Anyway, below is my current project list, which includes a lot of knits so I can finally get around to learning how to use my serger!  

capri pants     

   knit dress of some sort

knit tee

knit tee


knit tee

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Jen V said...

I've tended to prefer the seasonal attributions - summer, winter, etc. - and my first thought would be that you're an autumn, with maybe some bits of summer in there. But then I found this more in-depth charting online: and it would specify from the colors you put up here that it's even narrower a Deep Autumn or Soft Summer. Hmmm... :-)

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