Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Attack of the Pink Tile

So my blog has somehow shifted its focus over to decorating, but I promise, it's only because I haven't taken any photos in a while. Anyways, today's decorating topic is the bathroom, and learning to live with pink tile. Seriously, I have no idea why anyone would ever think that a pink toilet would be attractive, but whoever that person is is the person who decorated my bathroom. Before I moved in, the apartment was inhabited by a guy, who naturally didn't really like the pink. So his solution was to cover all the pink tile he possibly could with fake black and blue marble contact paper. Which isn't that far off into left field, except he did a bad job, and it added yet another element to the current scheme of pink tile, fake laminate wood counter, and cream and sparkly-gold countertop.

After about 2 weeks, I had had enough of the contact paper, so I removed it all to try and unify the bathroom a bit, even if it was a bit of pink overload. I had also taken off the closet doors, because they were bi-fold doors and I couldn't get into the ends of the closet when they were open. So fast-forward another 5 months or so, and I decide it's just still too messy looking. And so commences many more curtain discussions than boyfriend ever had in mind, and a couple of hours at my beloved fabric store, which is unfortunately moving at the beginning of the year. I bought two different prints to try out on the vanity, mostly because I really liked one and boyfriend thought the other one would go better, and it turns out he was right. It would definitely be too much though if I went with curtains entirely of the print material on the closets, so I decided to match up the line and just do a wide border at the bottom of the curtains of the print material.

Fabric Secret: Cheap sheets are an excellent source for plain material for large spaces, like curtains. I had to line them because they were thin, but for about 12 yards of white cotton, I paid around $25, so definitely worth it.

So after way more time than it should have taken me, my closets and vanity have matching curtains. I think it looks so much brighter and refreshing. Unfortunately, medicine cabinet door has always stuck, and when I was yanking on it the morning of the Apartment Therapy pictures, the mirror cracked. So I should have a new medicine cabinet at some point, which will make me very happy, as I am not a fan at all of the current one.

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