Monday, December 15, 2008

Ginkgo-Lined D.C., Capital of the U.S., and Now P.U.

The title of this post was blantantly copied and pasted from the Washington Post. Why try to reinvent the wheel?

So a while ago, I posted about my love/hate relationship with ginkgo trees. Granted, it's a bit more on the hate side, this time of year. It turns out I'm not alone. I was reading the paper on Sunday, and this Washington Post article explains a bit why things seem a bit worse this year.
Not surprisingly, most DC residents share my sentiments about the fruit of the ginkgo tree, and so the District decided to inject all the female trees with an anti-fruit serum, but it didn't work, and there was a bumper crop of ginkgo fruit. Awesome. Some of the quotes in the article are priceless. I think my personal favorite is in reference to the chemical that makes the smell (also found in rancid butter):

"I'm sure there was some purpose it served" in some long-ago Asian forest, said Earl Eutsler, an arborist with the D.C. Urban Forestry Administration. "Now, it just makes people angry."

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Corey said...

I used to work at a tree nursery and sell them. Some folks didn't want to pay extra for the males. When the trees are big they'll regret that decision.

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