Friday, December 19, 2008

Hubert the Humidifier

In other pseudo-design news, I recently purchased a humidifier. You've seen the lotion commercial with the alligator and the woman? Yeah, I'm definitely the alligator in that scenario, thanks to the wonderfully dry air in my apartment. So I thought I would remedy the situation and buy a humidifier. I spent a bit of time looking around on-line at different humidifiers and immediately got overwhelmed. Who knew you could get cool-air, warm-air, vaporizer, any variety you wanted, and spend from $30 to like $300? So I gave up for a little while, and then I happened to go into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and so I thought I would check out their selection. They didn't have a huge amount of cheaper humidifiers, so the best one actually ended up being a frog. I had read reviews of it online, and most people liked it, despite the fact that most people who had one in their room tended to be under the 4' mark, a.k.a. children. At the checkout, the lady asked me if I wanted a gift receipt and was a little surprised when I said no. It's not that unusually for a single adult woman to buy a frog-shaped humidifier, is it? Anyways, Hubert is awesome and he makes my life much better.


huisj said...

you sure that its name isn't kermit the humidifier?

Laura said...

Hubert looks nothing like Kermit! Although, if I made a little neck frill, it might help.

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