Friday, December 19, 2008

Someday, My Pretty...

Baltimore has something I want, and I just can't get it. It being a picture of the Domino Sugar factory sign lit up at night. I saw it all lit up the first time I went to Baltimore, which was about a year and half ago, I think, but for some reason I didn't take a picture of it. A couple of months later, boyfriend and I took a spur-of-the-moment zipcar road trip to Baltimore, which I thought would be a perfect opportunity to take a picture. Unfortunately, I neglected to think about the fact we were there in the morning, so the sign was not lit up. Then in March, I had to pick up a friend from BWI, so boyfriend and I drove up early and went to dinner in Fells Point, specifically so I could get my picture of the sign. My camera doesn't do too well at night in the rain, but boyfriend's camera took some great pictures, and I was so happy. I finally got my pictures! So, why do I say I don't have any pictures of the sign, you ask? I will tell you why. I wasn't too on top of actually getting the pictures off of the camera and onto my computer, and they went bye-bye along with boyfriend's camera the second time my apartment got robbed. So someday I will get my pictures, but they've been a long time coming.

This post is kind of random, I know, but I was reminded of the story by this blog post, which includes a picture of another one of my favorite signs in Baltimore, which is also below.



The infamous sign during the day.


Succinct and to the point


I didn't see this sign the last time I was in Baltimore, but I like it a lot as well.


Not so succinct a name, but amusing, nonetheless


Apparently Fells Point abounds with clever bar signs

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Corey said...

I posted a picture of the Sugar Mill lit up here. :-)

Just looking at it reminds me of when I took it - standing on end of a dock at the other side of the harbor, in February, wind howling with my cam and tripod set up and my hands absolutely freezing. Makes me cold just thinking about it.

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